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Jurnal Internasional & Jurnal Nasional
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Author(s) & Title, Publisher
Indraprastha Aswin (2013);” Computing Privacy Level in Virtual Environment”, International Journal of Architectural Computing; Issue 11; Vol.01/2013; pp.65-86
Indraprastha Aswin & Michihiko Shinozaki (2011); “Computational Models For Measuring Spatial Quality Of Interior Design in Virtual Environment”, Building and Environment (Elsevier; Impact factor: 2.169) Vol. 49 (2012); pp.67-85 ISSN : 0360-1323
Indraprastha Aswin & Michihiko Shinozaki (2011); “Elaboration Model for Mapping Architectural Space”,Jurnal of Asian Arch.And Building Engineering (JAABE) Vol. 11(2012) No.2; 15 November 2011; pp. 351-358; Print. ISSN : 1346-7581
Indraprastha Aswin & Michihiko Shinozaki  (2011); “Approcimate Enclosed Space Using Virtual Agent”,Design Computing and Cognition ‘(DCC) 10.J.S.Gero (ed); pp.xx-yy.c Springer 2010 pp. 285-303
Iyati Wasiska; Surjamanto Wonorahardjo; Aswin Indraprastha (2014);”Natural Airflow Performances of Double-Skin Façade Types”,Dimensi- Journal of Architecture and Built Environment; Vol. 41; No. 2; ISSN 0126-219x (print)/ ISSN 2338-7858 (online); pp. 65-72; Universitas Kristen Petra

Prosiding Internasional
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Author(s) & Title, Publisher
Tony Hartanto & Aswin Indraprastha(2015); Integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Course into Design Curriculum. Case Study: Study Program of Architecture Institut Teknologi Bandung, Proceedings of the 9th BIM Academic Symposium; The National Institute of Building Science and University of Florida
William Suyoto & Aswin Indraprastha (2014); Parametric Approach as a Decision- Making Tools in Planning and Design Process, Proceeding of Arte-Polis 5 International Conference and Workshops; August 8-9 2014; Institut Teknologi Bandung; ISBN: 978-602-70680-0-1
Indraprastha Aswin & Yasser Hafidz (2013); Data-driven Responsive Skin,Proceeding of the International Conference of Digital Architecture & Design Association (DADA 2013); TsingHua University; Beijing; China
Indraprastha Aswin & Zulhadi Sahputra (2013);Preserving Local Ornament Through Algorithm,Proceeding of the International Conference on Applied Computer Science and Information System (ICACSIS 2013) – Published in IEEExplore; University of Indonesia
Indraprastha Aswin (2011); “Computational Model of Social Interaction in Multi Agents Simulation based on Personality Traits”,Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information System-ICACSIS 2011 – IEEE Explore;Universitas Indonesia; pp. 183-188 ISBN : 978-979-1421-12-6
Indraprastha Aswin & Michihiko Shinozaki (2011);  “Computational Method for Mapping Quality of Architectural Space”, Proceedings of the International Conference of CAADRIA (The Association of Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia); University of Newcastle; NSW; Australia; 27-29 April 2011; ISBN : 978.988.19026-2-7