Prosiding Internasional
International Proceedings

Andry Widyowijatnoko (2015). ‘Proposing Joints for Bamboo Tensegrity’. World Bamboo Congress 2015.

Yuni Sri Wahyuni, Dewi Larasati ZR, & Firman Fadhly AR (2015). ‘Embodied Energy Value Data Development of Construction Material In Sustainable Planning and Partnership’. RC-Cehud 2015.

Anjar Primasetra, Dewi Larasati ZR & Firman Fadhly AR (2015). ‘Bamboo-Wall and Floor Panel Technology Development Based on Community Empowering for Local Prefabricated Construction Industry’. Endinamosis 2015.

Dewi Larasati ZR, Anjar Primasetra, Prinka Victoria Widyasanti, & Firman Fadhly AR (2015). ‘Development of Community-Based Prefabricated Housing Industry to Increase Public Participation in the Fulfillment of Housing Demand’. Endinamosis 2015.

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Siswanti Zuraida & Dewi Larasati ZR (2015). ‘Environmental Impacts of Bamboo Preservation Method as an Assesment of Sustainable Material Construction’. RC-Cehud 2015.

Yuni Sri Wahyuni, Dewi Larasati ZR, Siswanti Zuraida (2015). ‘Model of Embodied Energy Calculation For Low Cost Housing in Indonesia’. I-Dwell International Conference 2015.

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Widjaja Martokusumo, Lily Tambunan, & Wahyu Sujatmiko (2013). ‘Fire Protection and Historic Preservation: Some Notions on the Role of Safety Management. Case study: West and East Assembly Hall ITB’. The 4th International Conference of EACEF (European Asian Civil Engineering Forum) National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE, June 26-28, 2013.

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Sri Rahayu AU, Widya A, Putri, I.M, Sutjahja, D. Kurnia, S. Wonorahardjo (2015). ‘The Effectiveness of Organic PCM Based on Lauric Acid from Coconut Oil and Inorganic PCM Based on Salt Hydrate CaCl2.6H2O as Latent Heat Energy Storage System in Indonesia’. Proceeding International.

Widya A. Putri, Zulfikar Fahmi, I.M. Sutjahja, D. Kurnia, S. Wonorahardjo. (2015). ‘Thermophysical Parameters of Coconut Oil and Its Potential Application as the Thermal Energy Storage System in Indonesia’. Proceeding International.


 Prosiding Nasional
National Proceedings

Anjar Primasetra, Dewi Larasati ZR, & Firman Fadhly AR (2015). ‘Lesson Learned from Local Indigenous of Prefabricated System Development in Housing Construction (Case Study: Local Community of Kampung Naga in Tasikmalaya, West Java’. Habitechno 2015.

Anggana Fitri S, Lily Tambunan, Allis Nurdini (2015). ‘Public Health in Indonesia Residential Environment’. Habitechno 2015.

Christy Vidiyanti, Surjamanto W, dan Aswin I. (2015). ‘Performance of Lighting Opening System at Vertical Housing Building and its Innovation Possibilities’. Habitechno 2015.

Nur Arief Haporo, Aswin Indraprastha (2015). ‘Analyses of The Conviguration of Buildings and Vegetations to Increase Outdoor Thermal Quality In The Residential Area’. Habitechno 2015.

Prinka Victoria Widyasanti, Dewi Larasati ZR. & Firman Fadhly AR (2015). ‘Identification of Design Criteria for Finding Critical Factors in Implementation of Green Concept in Housing Construction’. Habitechno 2015.

Siswanti Zuraida, Dewi Larasati ZR, & Andry Widyowijatnoko (2015). ‘Emmision Impact of Bamboo Preservation Methods as an Assesment of Sustainable Housing Construction Material’. Habitechno 2015.

Siswanti Zuraida, Dewi Larasati, & Andry Widyowijatnoko (2015). ‘Life Cycle Assesment of Sustainable Housing Material: The Case of Bamboo’. Habitechno 2015.

Stefani Natalia Sabatini, Hanson E. Kusuma & Lily Tambunan (2015). ‘Faktor Eksternal Risiko Jatuh Lansia: Studi Empiris’. Prosiding Temu Ilmiah IPLBI 2015 Prodi Arsitektur dan PWK, Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Manado. ISBN: 978-602-73485-0-9, h D 007-012.

Surjamanto W (2015). ‘A Review on Regulation of Green Buildin and Its Role in Housing Sector In Indonesia’. Habitechno 2015.

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Dewi Larasati ZR, Rakhmat Fitranto Aditra, & Anjar (2014). ‘Promoting of Bamboo Prefabricated Product Toward Sustainable Housing in Indonesia’. Concern ITB 2014.

Maya Fitri Oktarini & Sugeng Triyadi (2014). ‘Community Cultures in Making The Place Identity in Musi Riparian Settlement, Palembang’. Artepolis 5.

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Rakhmat Fitranto Aditra, Sugeng Triyadi & Andry Widyowijatnoko (2013). ‘Comparing Canadian Standard and Indonesian Practice of Cold Form Steel Section for Housing Construction’. Habitechno 2013.


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