Jurnal Akreditasi Internasional
International Accredited Journal

Widjaja Martokusumo & Lily Tambunan (2014). ‘Historic Preservation and Disaster Mitigation Problems and Challenges in Managing Cultural Property’. Nakhara: Journal of Environmental Design and Planning 9, 77.

Himasari Hanan & Surjamanto Wonoraharjo (2012). ‘The Architecture of Batak Toba: An Expression of Living Harmoniously’. Nakhara, Journal of Environment Design and Planning. Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University.

Sugeng Triyadi S, Andi Harapan, & St. Aisyah (2012). ‘Palu Traditional Houses Responses to Earthquake’. Journal of Asian Transaction on Science and Technology, Vol:2, ISSUE : 04 September 2012 ISSN : 2221-4283 page 18-24.


Jurnal Akreditasi Nasional
National Accredited Journal

Sugeng Triyadi S, Katoppo Martin, & Velencia Oppusunggu Ruth (2015). ‘Design as Generator (DAG): An Architectural Approach For Empowering Community’. Journal Dimensi Vol: 41, No.2 Univ.Kristen Petra, Surabaya hal. 85-93, ISBN : 0126-219x.

Wasiska, I, Surjamanto, W & Aswin, I. (2015). ‘Natural Airflow Performances Of Double-Skin Facade Types’. DIMENSI (Journal of Architecture and Built Environment), 41(2), 65-72.

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