Sugeng Triyadi (Head of Building Technology Research Division)
Building Structure, Earthquake-Resistance Building, Vernacular Structures

Andry Widyowijatnoko
Structural Design, Bamboo Construction

Bambang Totopambudi
Building Structure, Construction Management

Dewi Larasati
Construction Management, Building Structure

Dibya Kusyala 
Structural Design and Building Construction

Donny Koerniawan
Thermal Comfort, Building Sciences

Hidayat Amir
Wide-span Structure, Earthquake-Resistance Structure

Lily Tambunan
Building Safety, Fire-safety Science

Earthquake-Resistance Structure, Construction Management

Rahmat Fitranto 
Structural Design and Building Construction

Robby Dwikojuliardi
System and Building Performance

Surjamanto W.
Urban Heat Island, Thermal Comfort, Building Sciences

Suhendri (Academic Assistant)
Environmental Building Simulations

Hafshah Salamah (Academic Assistant)
Structural Design. Folded Plate Structures

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