PageLines-IS.jpgIr. Iwan Sudradjat, MSA, Ph.D. (Head)

Research subjects:

Historiography of architecture
Theory of architecture
Architectural criticism
Architectural research methodology
Gender and built environment
Gender, technology and development


Dr.-Ing. Ir. Himasari Hanan, MAE.

Research subjects:

Theory of architecture and urban design
History of modern and urban architecture
Urban studies
Creative industries



PageLines-EP.jpgIr. Eko Purwono, MSAS.

Reserach subjects:

Architectural theory and criticism
Vernacular architecture
Architectural education
Sociology of architecture




PageLines-BR.jpgIr. Budi Rijanto Surjosutrisno, DEA.

Research subjects:

Anthropology of space
Urban ethnography





PageLines-BSB.jpgDr.Eng. Bambang Setia Budi, ST., MT.

Research subjects:

Islamic architecture
Vernacular architecture
Theory of architecture and urban




Dr. Indah Widiastuti, ST., MT.

Research subjects:

Vernacular architecture
Dwelling culture




Dr.Eng. Arif Sarwo Wibowo, ST., MT.

Research subjects:

History of urban and architectural design
Colonial architecture
Historical building conservation
Building documentation and photogrammetry



Dr. Ir. Christina Gantini, MT.

Research subjects:

Vernacular architecture