The ITB Innovation Park is carefully designed to offer the solution in integrating ITB’s research activities with business activities. Innovation Park facilitates the transformation of research products towards feasible industrial products. This transformation is taken as an inspiration for the design of the building. The building strives to utilize a research product of “Algae” which has the qualities of oxygen producer, sunlight absorbent, temperature buffer, and fast producing biomass, that is suitable to be transformed into the building’s facade. In addition, photovoltaic panels are accomodated on the rooftop to supply some of building’s electricity needs.

The ITB Innovation Park will accommodate co-creation office for business start-ups and incubators in the form of common office and co-working spaces; multi-purpose rooms for training, workshop, and exhibition; Business Patent and Tax Centre; and the ITB Co-op store.  The Innovation Park is planned to be built in two places: in the main campus (Jalan Ganesha no. 19), and in Gedebage (Bandung Technopolis District).

This Innovation Park is sponsored by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) and Donors from private sectors. The preliminary design and project supervision is conducted by ITB’s expert team. The design development documents are prepared by PT Alami Media Kreasi.